`...                 .-.     
          ...     ..........     ...    
         ..-    `.....:-......```...    
           +ooosoooyo+//+oooo+`  `.     
      `  :o+ooooooooooooooooo:          
    :mmh/  :oys+sooossoosooo`           
    -:-`   -os/`osoossooyoo:            
           -oo  -sooo```soo`            
           .s.   /yoo. `so+             
           :s    `soo.  oo:             
          /os.    oso`  /s:             
          :+/`   `+oo+ `oo+.            


It's that scene where Costner play acts like a buffalo for Graham Greene and learns the Lakota word for it. You think about how it's too bad that Graham mostly just plays villians now. He's a great actor.

You start to get sleepy. You also remember that you were supposed to pick up your neighbor's mail all week (you didn't) and he'll be coming home this evening. You--

Go grab the mail Let sleep take you < back >

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{may enemies of the mouse lay mangled at his feet}