`          .              
        `-/+oy/          hyo+:.         
     -sdMMMMMm   :/      +MMMMMms:      
   -hMMMMMMMMm  `mNhh/   hMMMMMMMMd/    
  `mshMy   +h:-yNNMMMNhd:-y+   NNodo    
   .  /N-        .MMh`        :N- `o    
       .s:      `dMs         -s.        
         ``     sMs  ///+/   .          
                mM` /-`: s/             
                oM/  ::` h/             

You face door with a dragon on it.

It's a wooden door. Looks pretty old. The shape of a dragon is carved into the wood. It was once red with black wings, but most of the paint is long gone.

A invisible force beckons you forward, to turn the knob and step through. You reach out and touch the knob. It's pleasently warm to the touch. You--

Open door Go home and see what's on tv

©The Walt Disney Corporation
{may enemies of the mouse lay mangled at his feet}